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Patients undergoing surgery under general anesthesia need breathing assistance to survive the procedure. Intubation is a breathing assistance technique that involves inserting a long tube connected to a ventilator down the patient’s airway (trachea). The ventilator works in place of the patient’s lungs throughout the surgery and for a period afterwards while the patient recovers from anesthesia. Medical errors with intubation can cause dangerous complications.

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What Is the Standard of Care for Medical Professionals During an Intubation Procedure?

When a medical professional intubates a patient, the standard of care is to ensure that the tube is placed in the proper position in the trachea and remains in place throughout the entire procedure. This is accomplished by taking x-rays after placement to ascertain that the tube is securely and properly positioned. Anesthesiologists and other health care providers must also continuously monitor the oxygen levels of a patient who has been intubated.

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What Severe Complications Can Result from Intubation Errors and Negligence?

Intubation has potentially severe or life-threatening complications, including the following:

  • A doctor may injure the trachea in the process of placing or removing the tube. This may involve perforation of the lining or punctures of trachea. These painful injuries require surgical repair.
  • Injury can also be caused to the vocal cords, esophagus, lip, mouth, or teeth with placement or removal of intubation tubes. Patients may suffer infections or nerve damage.
  • If the tube is not properly placed in the trachea or becomes dislodged during the procedure, the patient will not get enough oxygen for an extended time period. When this occurs, oxygen deprivation can cause severe injury to the brain. Patients could suffer stroke or death.

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Who May Be Held Liable for Intubation Errors?

When preventable medical errors cause serious injury to intubated patients, responsible parties may be held liable. Medical professionals who could potentially commit these errors may include:

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What Types of Compensation Are Available for Intubation Negligence Victims?

Patients who are injured by medical negligence with intubation are entitled to seek compensation from responsible parties for the losses they have suffered. Available compensation may include economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages are losses that can be calculated in dollar amounts, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of future earning potential. Noneconomic damages include losses such as pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, physical impairment, and disfigurement. Colorado law has placed a cap of $300,000 on noneconomic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits.

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How Will an Experienced Denver Malpractice Attorney Approach an Intubation Error Case?

If you have been injured through an act of medical negligence with intubation, our experienced Denver medical malpractice lawyers will use our knowledge, skills, and resources to protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. We will conduct a thorough investigation to determine how your injuries occurred and who is responsible and secure evidence to support your claim. If malpractice occurred, we call upon respected medical experts to show that negligent medical providers breached the standard of care and caused your injuries.

At Leventhal Puga Braley P.C., our attorneys have won two of the highest Colorado medical malpractice verdicts ever awarded. Founding attorney Jim Leventhal has been named a member of The Inner Circle of Advocates, consisting of the top 100 trial lawyers in the U.S. Our firm has a successful track record over four decades of representing injured people in medical malpractice cases.

There is no charge for an initial consultation. If you have suffered intubation injuries, call us at (303) 759-9945 or toll-free at (877) 433-3906.

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