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Advocating for Surgical Malpractice Victims

When a patient goes into surgery, their health, safety, and life is completely in the hands of the surgeons and nurses operating on them.

If you or someone you love suffered an injury due to foreign object retention, you deserve proper compensation for the trauma you have experienced. Our foreign object malpractice attorneys at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. have decades of experience under their belts standing up for injured patients. We know how damaging and traumatic surgical errors can be, but we also know how to get our clients the best possible award for their injuries. We will do all of the heavy lifting of getting you compensation while you focus on recovering. Call us at (303) 759-9945 or toll-free (877) 433-3906 to discuss what happened to you in a free consultation.

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Consequences of Surgical Errors

Surgeons are responsible for properly utilizing a variety of equipment, tools, and devices when operating on patients. The most common types of tools are scalpels, clamps, pins, needles, gauze pads, and sponges. When following proper procedure, these tools are removed for either sanitization or disposal. However, if a surgeon or nurse breaks protocol or does not follow orders, one or more of these tools can be left inside a patient’s body.

Foreign objects can cause catastrophic injuries. Sharp objects can cause internal bleeding and organ damage if not removed immediately, and sponges present a high risk of causing deadly infections. A patient may need immediate emergency surgery to have the foreign object removed and repair the damage of the surgical error. If not diagnosed and treated immediately, a foreign object can cause a patient to die.

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Retained Foreign Objects Are Always Malpractice

An estimated 1,500 cases of foreign object retention occur in the United States each year, but even one case is too many. Leaving a foreign object in patient is a never event – a type of medical error that should never occur under any circumstances. Never events are specific scenarios where medical negligence has a high risk of causing a patient to suffer a serious injury or death. Under no circumstances should they be accepted, and anyone responsible for a surgical error should be held accountable.

Failing to remove a foreign object from a patient is breach of the standard of care and can result in surgical staff being found liable for malpractice. Foreign object retention occurs because of a failure to ensure proper counts at the end of the procedure. When a surgery is complete, surgical staff should ensure that every tool has been accounted for. Rushing through a surgery is never an excuse for putting a patient in harm’s way.

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Holding Negligent Surgeons Accountable for Your Injuries

Having surgery is already a scary experience, and patients should not have to worry about surgeons leaving dangerous foreign objects in them. Patients should be able to trust that their surgeons are competent, will follow protocol, and will always put their health and well-being first. When a surgeon violates the standard of care and injures a patient due to their negligence, it is an act of malpractice, and they should be held accountable.

If a surgeon injured you or someone you love in a foreign object incident, then you deserve proper compensation for all the injuries and trauma you have suffered. At Leventhal Puga Braley P.C., our dedicated team of medical malpractice attorneys have decades of combined experience advocating for injured patients. We can investigate the surgeon who injured you, collect evidence of negligence, and advocate for the highest possible award on your behalf. Call Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. today at (303) 759-9945 or toll-free (877) 433-3906 to discuss your case in a free consultation.

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