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If you were seriously hurt in an accident or assault, we can help you.

At Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. our Denver trial lawyers have hard-won experience serving people who have suffered catastrophic injury or wrongful death through negligence or the intentional infliction of harm. We understand the frustration of suffering an injury through no fault of your own. We are here to represent the victims who need it the most—and we do not rest until we have done all we can to enforce justice. Our legal team has strong backgrounds in medicine, criminal justice, insurance negotiations, and more. Call (303) 759-9945 or toll-free (877) 433-3906 for a free consultation with our attorneys.

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What Counts as Personal Injury?

Personal injury occurs specifically when a person has suffered some form of injury because of the negligence or recklessness of a business, government entity, or individual. The injury may be physical, psychological, or both. It is not enough to be hurt by someone - there must be negligence or worse for you to file a claim for compensation.

Negligence is also called a "breach" of the duty of care. Every person has a duty of care to others: the responsibility to avoid causing harm to another. For example, imagine that a homeowner spills some liquid on his kitchen floor and does not clean it up. If a guest to the home slips and falls, seriously injuring herself, she can hold him liable. Even though the homeowner may not have meant to hurt anyone, his actions were not those of a reasonable person in the same situation. The same is true for businesses, though there are separate, higher standards in play for certain services and goods offered to the public.

If you suspect you have a claim, do not delay - each state has laws that limit the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim, called statutes of limitations. The sooner we can start our investigation and gather evidence in your case, the better.

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Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. Attorneys Take the Tough Cases

Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. has been practicing for over 40 years. In that time, we have handled a broad spectrum of cases from aviation to snowmobiles, car accidents to neurosurgery. More than a dozen lawyers, each with his or her own specialty, work collaboratively to develop unique strategies for clients. We work as a team to tackle the following injury cases:

Our lawyers at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. have won numerous record-breaking verdicts and settlements for clients, including the largest medical malpractice verdict ever awarded in Colorado. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, you deserve to know your rights and how we can help you. We know this is a time of uncertainty for you, and we want to make the process as easy as possible for you and your family.

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Choose the Service You Deserve

Our clients deserve the best treatment and excellent representation - and we pride ourselves on providing that. We will give you the unique blend of professionalism and innovative thinking that has allowed us to litigate and settle claims so successfully for our past clients.

There is no charge for an initial consultation or questions. Our firm offers its services to those who need them regardless of income level, and we advance the cost of litigation for clients who cannot afford to pay. We only get paid if you receive a settlement or verdict. To speak to a Denver personal injury attorney at our firm, please call (303) 759-9945 or toll-free (877) 433-3906.

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Personal Injury

  • Car Accidents/Crashes
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Premises Liability
  • Scaffolding Accidents
  • Ski Collisions and Ski-Lift Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Construction Accidents
  • Negligent Security
  • Recreation Injury
  • Slip and Fall
  • Wrongful Death

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