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Newborns are incredibly susceptible to head trauma during birth, and doctors and nurses should take every precaution to protect them from harm. Ob-Gyns are trained to safely delivery newborns without placing unnecessary pressure on a newborn’s skull, provide the thorough care that is needed before and after birth, as well as diagnose dangerous medical conditions. Breaking procedure or acting negligently presents the risk of a newborn suffering from a traumatic brain injury, which can cause permanent disabilities, extensive physical trauma, and death.

If your child suffered a brain injury as a result of medical negligence, Leventhal & Puga, P.C. can advocate for your child’s future in a birth injury claim. Since 1981, our newborn brain injury lawyers have held negligent medical staff accountable for severely injuring newborns and fought to get our clients the highest possible award. There is no charge for an initial consultation, and we can explain your options under the law. To discuss your case with a dedicated team of birth injury attorneys, call Leventhal & Puga, P.C. at (303) 759-9945 or toll-free at (877) 433-3906.

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The Impact of an Infant Brain Injury

Brain injuries are always serious medical conditions, but they are especially dangerous for newborns. A child’s brain takes years to fully develop, and any brain damage can result in a catastrophic injury that impacts the rest of his or her life. Many disabilities are linked directly to infant brain damage, including:

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When Medical Negligence Causes Brain Damage

Brain injuries are preventable when doctors and other hospital staff follow proper procedures. Doctors should be fully prepared and experienced at delivering newborns in a timely and safe manner. They should not put unnecessary pressure on a newborn’s skull in order to facilitate a safe and healthy birth. A newborn’s skull does not completely fuse until several months after birth and this makes the baby incredibly susceptible to severe head trauma during birth when doctors do not follow proper procedures. If a doctor applies too much pressure to the skull during birth, it can cause bone fractures, internal bleeding, and irreparable damage to the newborn’s brain, leading to lifelong disabilities. Some situations require doctors to use forceps or vacuums to deliver a newborn, but these devices when used incorrectly can cause extensive brain damage.

Oxygen deprivation, or perinatal asphyxiation, is another cause of newborn brain injuries. Newborns require consistent supplies of oxygen in order for their brain cells to develop properly, and even losing oxygen for a few seconds can cause irreversible damage. If a doctor does not diagnose asphyxiation or respond to fetal distress quickly, this lack of oxygen can develop into hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, a permanent form of brain damage.

Other causes of newborn brain injuries include:

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How to Recover Compensation for a Birth Injury

Brain injuries are among the most serious birth injuries a newborn can suffer from. Whether caused by too much pressure on the skull, misdiagnosing an underlying condition, or a serious infection, a traumatic brain injury can forever change a child’s life. Disabilities such as cerebral palsy, hearing and vision loss, and other developmental issues are all linked to brain damage. Allowing a child to suffer a brain injury is inexcusable, and doctors who injure children due to medical negligence should be held accountable.

The costs of your child's brain injury should not rest on your family’s shoulders alone, and you may be eligible to recover compensation for your child’s injuries through a birth injury claim. In order to recover compensation for your newborn's brain injury, you must demonstrate that:

  • Your newborn had a doctor-patient relationship with the medical provider;
  • The medical provider committed an act of negligence before, during, or after your newborn’s birth; and
  • That act of negligence caused your newborn’s brain injury; and
  • A reasonable medical provider would have provided a better standard of care for your child’s condition.

Proving all of these elements requires a thorough review of your child’s injury by a skilled birth injury lawyer who can consult with medical experts and investigators to collect evidence of negligence.

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Trust in Decades of Experience

Our team of Denver medical malpractice attorneys have decades of trial experience holding negligent medical providers accountable for their actions. We do not accept anything other than the best for our clients and can diligently investigate your child’s injuries to prove medical negligence. We have handled hundreds of birth injury cases across the country and received several accolades for our dedication to our clients. We do not charge for an initial consultation and work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not get paid unless you do.

If your child suffered a brain injury due to medical negligence, contact Leventhal & Puga, P.C. at (303) 759-9945 or toll-free at (877) 433-3906 to discuss your case.

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