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If Your Baby Suffered a Preventable Birth Injury, We Want to Help

There are many injuries that babies are vulnerable to during childbirth. One such birth injury is a cephalohematoma.

If your baby had a severe cephalohematoma that caused complications, it’s important to speak with a top Denver birth injury lawyer. Our experienced team at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. can sit down with you, examine your medical records with a trained eye, and see if mistakes were made by the hospital staff. Children should not have to suffer preventable birth injuries, and parents should not have to bear the cost alone. Contact us at (303) 759-9945 for a free consultation.

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What Is a Cephalohematoma?

A cephalohematoma is an amassed pool of blood between a baby’s scalp and the skull. In simple terms, it is a large bruise on the baby’s head caused by trauma during birth. Cephalohematoma is a pretty common condition, and most babies heal on their own within a few weeks.

However, there could be a skull fracture underneath, which puts the baby at risk for major health complications. Doctors must properly assess and determine if the cephalohematoma is dangerous or not. Any mistakes can be life-threatening.

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What Are the Causes of Cephalohematoma?

Sometimes, babies need help getting through the birth canal. If labor is long and difficult; if the baby is in a non-optimal position; or if the baby is larger, he might have a tough time coming out naturally. OB/GYNs should always be on guard for potentially dangerous situations, and plan the birth accordingly. For example, if it is the mother’s first pregnancy and the baby is large, scheduling a cesarean section may be the best choice.

However, during natural childbirth, the physician might use vacuum extraction or forceps to help the baby along. These medical tools heighten the chances of a birth injury in the wrong hands.

Here are the common ways in which we see newborns suffering cephalohematomas:

  • The use of a vacuum to assist during delivery
  • The use of forceps to assist during delivery
  • The baby's head hitting the mother’s pelvic bone during delivery (cephalopelvic disproportion)

Every mother should feel confident in her doctor’s abilities to deliver her child safely into this world. When a doctor is negligent in that task, it’s important to hold him or her accountable.

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What Are Complications of Cephalohematoma?

Most doctors choose not to do anything about a cephalohematoma in an infant, and let it heal on its own. The most common complication of a cephalohematoma is jaundice, caused by the breakdown of blood. A baby with jaundice should be closely monitored by doctors to ensure that the jaundice doesn't lead to cerebral palsy, infection, deafness, or brain damage.

In severe cases, cephalohematoma can result in anemia or hypotension. A dangerous brain bleed, a subdural hematoma, can be mistaken for cephalohematoma. This misdiagnosis can be life-threatening to the baby.

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Contact a Record-Setting Law Firm That Understands Medicine

Cephalohematomas are a scary sight for parents to see on their tiny babies. Thankfully, most go away on their own with no medical intervention. But they can also be the beginning of a serious issue that should be addressed by doctors at once to prevent any permanent damage.

If your baby was born with a cephalohematoma, it may be due to a doctor's negligence or inexperience. Please discuss your unique case with a top Colorado birth injury attorney to understand your legal rights and possibly file for compensation. At Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. our law firm handles serious birth injuries throughout the United States, and we have the resources to tackle any case. Call us at (303) 759-9945 for a free consultation.

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