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As parents ourselves, there is nothing the legal team at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. takes as seriously as child injuries. Negligence around children is inexcusable, especially when the adult in charge is being paid to supervise them. We have won several cases on behalf of child victims, including the largest medical malpractice verdict in Colorado - $17.8 million - to date. Call our Denver personal injury lawyers if your child has been hurt and you believe you have a claim for compensation. Our phone number is (877) 433-3906, and there is no charge for your initial consultation.

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How Do Children Become Injured?

Children require near-constant supervision. As their brains have yet to fully develop, they have a harder time spotting danger, and their small size means they can more easily be overlooked. There are countless ways that children can be badly hurt.

We have handled personal injury lawsuits on behalf of children injured in:

When children are injured, it means more than just in-the-moment pain. Children’s bodies are still developing, which means severe injuries could result in lasting and permanent damage.

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What Injuries Do Children Often Suffer?

Though children may heal from some incidents better than adults can – for example, slip-and-falls usually aren’t that dangerous for them, though falls from heights can be – they’re smaller and more vulnerable to systemic damage. A drug overdose, for example, is more dangerous for a child.

A catastrophic injury in childhood could spell a difficult adulthood. Even something that seems minor, like a broken arm, could lead to a weakened limb. Something as serious as spinal cord injury or brain damage is likely to lead to a lifelong disability. That could impact your child’s future, and even mean his or her dream job is out of reach. That is unacceptable, and exactly why pursuing legal action is so important.

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What About School and Daycare Injuries?

Filing a claim against a school district is more complicated that filing a claim against a private party. Since public schools are government-run, special deadlines and certain immunities to lawsuits may apply. This may also be the case if your child was injured during an extracurricular activity, like a sporting event. The sooner you report the incident, get your child medical attention, and seek legal help, the better.

Most daycares, on the other hand, are private for-profit entities that are supposed to be licensed and carry liability insurance. Whether the actions of one caregiver or the entire management were to blame for your child being hurt – even if by another child -- this insurance is meant to cover victims.

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What Makes a Child Injury Claim Different?

When an adult is injured by someone else’s negligence, that adult has the legal right to file a claim to receive compensation from the at-fault party and insurer. Children (under the age of 18) are minors, and do not have the legal standing to file a claim or negotiate with the at-fault party. A child needs an adult to file the claim on his or her behalf.

The second major difference is with the statute of limitations. An adult in Colorado has two years from the date of his or her injury to file a claim. That limitation is lengthened for injured children in certain circumstances. However, the changes require an attorney to guide you as they are complicated and not well understood. We encourage you to call and speak with a lawyer now. When victims wait too long, they allow important evidence to spoil. Witnesses forget what they saw, medical records are lost, and security footage is deleted. You should contact an injury lawyer right away to ensure you have a successful claim for your child. We can investigate the evidence and negotiate with the insurance companies for compensation.

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What Expenses Can You Recover?

Medical care is expensive. Bills can quickly rack up, even for minor injuries. You should not be left to deal with the financial fallout of an injury that was not your fault.

You also have your child’s future to consider. Major injuries require future treatment, even into adulthood, leaving your child at a financial disadvantage. With a successful claim, you can ensure that your child receives the compensation they need and deserve.

Our Denver child injury lawyers have assisted families in recovering:

  • Medical bills – doctors’ visits, tests, inpatient care, rehabilitation therapy, as well as future medical treatment costs
  • Counseling – therapist’s bills
  • In-home care – modifications to your house or vehicle, hospital bed or respiratory machine installed, nursing staff, if necessary, etc.
  • Lost wages – if you had to miss work to care for your child after the injury or in the future
  • Cost of special schooling and education
  • Compensation for lifelong disability or disfigurement
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Compensation for emotional distress

Filing a claim does requires help. It is unlikely that the party you are filing against will want to give you a proper settlement. Your claim could turn into a seemingly never-ending fight. You may even feel pressure to accept a low settlement just so your child can get medical care.

No parent should ever have to settle for less than their child’s injury is worth. That is why you need to work with experienced child injury attorneys.

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The Colorado Child Injury Attorneys You Need

For over forty years, Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. has represented the rights of injury victims, across the United States, from our office in Denver. If your child was hurt by another person, or suffered serious injury while under someone else’s care, you should seek justice. Call (877) 433-3906 to meet with a top Colorado trial lawyer. If we can assist your family, we will. Our clients come first, and our youngest clients come first of all.

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