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Did You Suffer Brain Damage?

A single blow to the head can result in a lifelong disability. When that blow was someone else’s fault, you may have a lawsuit on your hands.

If you have suffered serious brain damage as a result of someone else’s negligence in Denver, you deserve compensation. Brain injuries can and do cause life-altering disabilities, and cost a fortune to treat. You don’t deserve to carry that burden on your own. Instead, file a claim against those responsible. Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. will fight to get the settlement that you need. Call us at (877) 433-3906 today.

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How Do Brain Injuries Happen?

The brain is encased in hard bone called the skull. This provides the brain with some protection; however, the skull can only stand so much force before cracking. Between the skull and the brain is a thick liquid called cerebrospinal fluid meant to provide cushioning (among other things), but it cannot stop the brain itself from slamming into the skull during a violent impact.

Whether your brain was injured due to a skull fracture or from hitting the inside of the skull itself, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are common in:

Like most internal injuries, brain damage can be difficult to spot. Knowing the symptoms of a TBI can be crucial in getting the treatment you need as soon as possible.

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What Are Symptoms of TBI?

After a serious jolt or strike to the head, it is always best to seek a medical evaluation right away, but if you are unable to, keep an eye out and immediately report to the ER if you begin to display the symptoms below:

  • Intense headaches
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sudden fatigue and drowsiness
  • Dizziness and loss of balance
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Difficulties remembering
  • Onset of depression or anxiety
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Seizures and convulsions
  • Numbness in limbs
  • General confusion
  • Slurred speech

A traumatic brain injury will not necessarily present all of these symptoms. But if you are suffering from a small handful of the issues listed above after an impact, then you need to seek medical attention immediately. While some cases of brain damage will just require waiting for the bruising or tears to heal, you should always ask for treatment from a medical professional. In extreme cases, you may require life-saving surgery to stop swelling or repair a cerebral hemorrhage.

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The Consequences of Brain Damage

Your brain is responsible for the rest of your body’s ability to function. The brain keeps your lungs breathing, your heart beating, and your body moving.

There are a number of conditions that you could suffer as a result of brain damage. For example, you could end up with partial or complete vision loss. You may develop a seizure disorder, which will impact your ability to hold a license and live independently. In severe cases, you could become partially paralyzed, even if your spine was left undamaged in the accident.

Serious brain damage has lasting consequences. Treatment could require surgery and will almost definitely involve medication and months of physical therapy. In addition to dealing with the deep physical and emotional trauma that such an injury will cause, you will also have to overcome the financial fallout. If someone else’s negligence created your brain damage, you have a legal right to pursue compensation.

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How You Can Recover Financially

Filing a lawsuit against the at-fault party means you won’t have to bear the financial burden of an injury that was not your fault. Considering how costly and life-altering TBIs are, filing a claim is key to ensuring you can receive proper treatment and live your life as comfortably as possible. With a successful claim, you can receive compensation for:

  • Lost wages
  • Past and future medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Loss of job opportunities
  • Therapy costs
  • Lowered quality of life
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of enjoyment

Without a claim, you will be left to cover the costs of your brain injury on your own. Since the associated medical bills can quickly jump into the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars, this is not an option for most people. However, winning compensation will require the help of a skilled personal injury attorney. Insurance companies rarely want to offer fair settlements and may deny your claim outright if they find out you are not working with a lawyer. Thankfully, we at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. can offer you the help you need.

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Call (877) 433-3906 for Expert Legal Help

After suffering an injury as severe as brain damage, you have a long and difficult road to recovery in front of you. The last thing you should be worrying about is the work required to file a claim. Our Denver personal injury attorneys can provide you with the strong, compassionate support you need. We at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. have achieved record-breaking results for our clients. When you work with our firm, we will bring you the same level of service. Call (877) 433-3906 for the expert legal help that you need.

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