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Why You Need a Denver Personal Injury Attorney After Suffering from Expressive Aphasia

If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence and is suffering from expressive aphasia, the team at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. are here to help.

This can be a difficult time for the person affected and their family, we are here to offer you support. We are professional expressive aphasia attorneys, here to help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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Causes of Expressive Aphasia

Expressive Aphasia is often symptomatic of another condition, such as a stroke or a head injury. However, it may also occur gradually from a slow-growing brain tumor, infection, disease, or a degenerative process causing gradual yet permanent damage. When a person is involved in a motorcycle accident, and suffers brain damage, expressive aphasia can result.

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What Are Symptoms of Expressive Aphasia?

Expressive aphasia, also known as Broca’s aphasia, causes people to communicate in short yet comprehensible sentences. Certain words including “the” or “and” may be left out of the sentence. It is also common for those with expressive aphasia to have right-sided weakness.

The symptoms of expressive aphasia or Broca’s aphasia are not always immediately recognizable. It is important to seek medical attention if any of these symptoms become more regular or prevalent. The medical attention sought should be from a specialist, such as a neurologist.

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Treatments for Expressive Aphasia

In mild cases, expressive aphasia may resolve naturally. However, individuals with moderate to severe brain damage will require language and speech therapy. Some treatments for expressive aphasia include:

  • Speech and language therapy. This is a primary treatment for patients with expressive aphasia. This therapy is aimed at improving the patient’s communication to restore lost language skills and enable efficient communication.
  • Medication. Prescription medications may be used to assist the blood flow to the brain and replace depleted chemicals required for speech. These are prescribed by a medical professional such as a neurologist.
  • Brain stimulation. This is a non-invasive procedure aimed at stimulating damaged brain cells. These new treatments are known as transcranial magnetic stimulation and current stimulation.

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Impact of Expressive Aphasia on Personal and Professional Life

Expressive aphasia can impact a person’s professional and personal life in many ways. Difficulty in comprehending sentences and disjointed speech make it challenging for victims to communicate and navigate daily life. The person often knows what they want to say, however, cannot express this to others.

It is important to note that the effect of this illness on personal and professional life depends on the severity of the patient’s condition. A patient's general health is also important.

Unfortunately, if the symptoms have not resolved or lessened months after an accident, a complete recovery is less likely. However, in some cases there has been improvement in the years following the accident. Therefore, for many patients, the condition results in a change of profession and alterations to personal life.

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