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A slip-and-fall can be embarrassing; don’t assume you’re to blame. Serious injuries often occur due to trips, slips, and falls, and they are not the result of you being clumsy - they are often caused by dangerous conditions allowed by a property owner. What might seem like an "accidental" trip on the stairs could actually be due to poor lighting or a broken tread.

Property owners who do not demonstrate a duty of care toward the safety of others should be held accountable for any injuries their negligence causes. If you or a loved one has been injured in a slip-and-fall and have questions about your legal options, call the top Denver premises liability lawyers at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. We offer a no-cost consultation to discuss your situation, and if we take your case, you don’t owe us anything until we get you fair compensation for your injuries, any permanent disabilities, pain and suffering, and more.

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What Are Some Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents?

Even if you initially think that a fall was your own fault, it can be helpful to discuss what happened with an experienced premises liability attorney to make sure. We can pull building records, blueprints, past inspections, and more. Falls can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Poor lighting
  • Failure to remove ice or snow
  • Cracks and breaks in walkways
  • Uneven walkways
  • Improperly built stairs
  • Improperly maintained stairs
  • Objects on the ground creating a tripping hazard
  • Uncontrolled pets

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Injuries Resulting from Slip-and-Falls

In real life, slip-and-falls can cause serious, even fatal, injuries. They are not something that should be uncomfortably laughed off. Falling down a flight of stairs, for example, is extremely dangerous since a person's head can strike the edge of the steps, perhaps causing intracranial hemorrhage and lifelong brain damage.

Common injuries that we see from slips, trips, and falls in Colorado include:

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Trip-and-Falls vs. Slip-and-Falls: The Difference Matters

On the surface, a trip-and-fall may sound like it’s exactly the same as a slip-and-fall. However, they are different. A trip-and-fall is when you stumble over something that is sticking out where it doesn’t belong. Say, for example, you are walking down a sidewalk, past a small bakery, and the owners have placed a sign haphazardly. It’s sticking out into the sidewalk and you, paying more attention to the lovely day than to your surroundings, get your foot caught on it and fall to your hands and knees. That would be a trip-and-fall.

While it may seem odd to differentiate the two – after all they both end with you on the ground and injured – it is important to understand the difference legally. The outcome of your claim can change depending on what happened. Slip-and-falls are generally more dangerous due to the fact that your body is propelled backward. In that direction you have nothing to break your fall or protect yourself with. On the other hand, trip-and-falls normally send you forwards, where you can catch yourself with your hands and knees. While trip-and-falls certainly hurt, the injuries sustained are often more minor.

With a smaller injury, like a sprained wrist or cut knee, the potential compensation will be smaller too. That does not mean, however, that you should not pursue legal action. Even minor injuries can severely impact your life and lead to other complications down the road.

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If You Were Seriously Injured in a Fall in Denver, Call Our Top Premises Liability Lawyers

A slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall can change your life, and we know that. At Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. we take these cases very seriously and will perform an independent investigation to discover who is truly responsible for your injuries. Our slip-and-fall attorneys handle claims for people across the United States, and we take pride in our innovative approach to both examining your case and presenting it to a jury. Because of our willingness to gather all the evidence and go to trial if necessary, we are able to settle many claims out of court to our clients’ satisfaction.

Premises laws can be complicated, and proving liability is rarely simple. If you suffered a slip-and-fall injury, call Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. at (303) 759-9945 for a no-cost initial consultation. We do advise you to call as soon as possible – each state has different time limits for filing a personal injury claim, and the sooner we can investigate the scene of your accident, the better our chances of getting you the compensation you deserve.

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