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COVID-19: Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. Update

By lladmin on March 16, 2020

The corona virus spread and infection with COVID-19 is a serious concern to us all. It is changing the way we all live and work, at least temporarily. Although as the pandemic continues to impact nearly every aspect of our lives, we want you to know that we are committed to providing uninterrupted service to all of our clients concerning all aspects of their case. We take the challenges presented by the corona virus seriously and to help solve the crisis we are implementing remote work programs that will limit office attendance for our attorneys and staff. We have provided all necessary employees with the means to work remotely from home commencing 5:00 p.m., March 16, 2020.

Please be comfortable and rest assured that we have provided all staff and attorneys the resources to continue working on your case. Although we may not be working from our offices, our lawyers, paralegals, and staff are continuing to work on all aspects of your case and in assisting new clients as well.

All of your case information, and all of our resources are protected and available to us remotely. All materials are fully secured through our IT vendor, but accessible for remote work.  Our office telephone will be served by voice mail. THE MOST EFFECTIVE, FASTEST, AND EFFICIENT WAY TO REACH US WILL BE BY EMAIL. It is likely that in the future Court activity will be suspended for some period of time. Regardless, we are dedicated to, and intend to, continue moving all aspects of your case forward with all due speed permitted. Toward that end, until and unless you hear from the attorney or staff responsible for your case that any scheduled matter has been canceled or continued, you may assume that the matter is going forward. We have the resources available to conduct depositions by video teleconference and, to the extent necessary, all depositions are being re-set for video teleconference.

Trial teams will be conducting virtual team meetings or telephone conferences several times a week. We remain available to you via telephone, email, text, conference call, fax, and FaceTime.  We are still here, and we are still working hard for you. Although these are stressful times, we want you to know that the one thing you do not have to worry about is your legal case. We are handling it, and you can leave the heavy lifting to us. If you would like to request a video conference with the firm, please type “Request Video Conference” in the contact form “Message” field and we will get back to you shortly. 

We will continue to provide general updates on our Facebook page, and we will update each client to any changes or updates specific to their case.

Of course, if you have any questions about our policy or your case, please let us know immediately.

Jim Leventhal, Jim Puga, and Bruce Braley

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