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Road Rash Can Be Devastating

By lladmin on July 30, 2022

Road rash is an injury caused from friction. The injury occurs when the skin slides against a rough surface, causing the skin to be ripped off the body. Road rash may expose muscle, fat, and bone and can occur following an accident. This injury typically causes immediate pain and, in more serious cases, is extremely painful, requiring medical intervention. There are different types of road rash including: Read the rest »

Governmental Immunity and Colorado Personal Injury Claims

By lladmin on July 5, 2022

The state of Colorado has passed laws providing “sovereign immunity” that shields government agencies and employees from many types of lawsuits. But there are circumstances where this immunity may be waived, allowing you to receive compensation for your injuries. Read the rest »

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Were You a Motorcycle Passenger Injured in an Accident?

By lladmin on June 15, 2022

Motorcycles offer riders and their passengers a lot. They are convenient, they use less gas than cars, and they are simply more fun to operate. However, it’s no secret that motorcycles are dangerous. In fact, motorcycle riders are around 27 times more likely to die or be seriously injured in an accident than car drivers. Read the rest »

Colorado Senate Bills 73 and 88 Change Sexual Assault Statute of Limitations

By lladmin on August 9, 2021

Following decades of work that lawmakers put in to change the state of Colorado’s sexual assault laws, Governor Jared Polis has signed two new bills that would change our state’s statute of limitations of civil claims for sexual assault: Senate Bills 73 and 88. These two bills now allow future victims of sexual assault to file civil claims without the risk of missing the statute of limitations deadline, as well as allowing child victims of sexual assault to file claims against entities that allowed sexual misconduct to occur. Under these bills, victims of sexual assault have new avenues for receiving compensation for their injuries.

Read the rest »

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The Role of a Life-Care Plan in Your TBI Claim

By lladmin on June 21, 2021

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one of the most serious injuries a person can suffer. TBIs impact every aspect of a victim’s life, from their ability to socialize to their career to how they process information. After such a catastrophic injury, patients and their families need to understand the personal and financial fallout to better prepare for the future. One way to do that is drafting a life-care plan.

Read the rest »

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Signs That You May Have a Blood Clot

By lladmin on December 26, 2020

Blood clots are one of the leading causes for death in the United Sates. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one American dies of a blood clot every six minutes. Shockingly, many medical professionals overlook the signs of blood clots, and fail to catch the issue in time to administer proper care. Knowing the signs yourself can help you determine when you need emergency treatment. Read the rest »

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How a Slip-and-Fall Can Lead to Paralysis

By lladmin on December 17, 2020

The slip-and-fall is often treated like a minor accident. After all, everyone has fallen at some point in their lives. The truth is, however, that slip-and-falls are far more dangerous than the typical trip-and-fall. These incidents can easily lead to brain injuries, fractured skulls, and, most debilitating of all, paralysis. But how can a slip lead to such a devastating injury? And how does paralysis impact a victim’s life? Read the rest »

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The Unforeseen Dangers of Concussions

By lladmin on April 12, 2020

Concussions are an everyday injury. It seems as though we all know someone who has suffered from one. Because of how common they are, we often view them as a mild injury that’s easy to heal from. However, the reality is, concussions are a serious matter that can have life-altering effects and complications, especially if they are not given the proper attention they need. Read the rest »

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The Unexpected Costs of Spinal Trauma

By lladmin on December 14, 2018

A spinal cord injury can change your life—and rarely for the better. In fact, the ripple effect of trauma to the spinal cord is usually so severe that a patient will be impacted in ways they never expected. Read the rest »

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Why There Is No Such Thing as an “Accident”

By lladmin on July 9, 2018

Negligence Is Not an Accident – It’s a Choice

“For years our country has accepted unintentional injuries as an unavoidable reality. The truth is, there is no such thing as an accident. Every single one of these deaths was preventable. We know what to do to save lives, but collectively we have failed to prioritize safety at work, at home, and on the road.” So stated Deborah A. P. Hersman, president and CEO of the National Safety Council (NSC), in a news release lamenting the fact that unintentional injuries are now the third leading cause of death in the United States.

She brings up a very good point, one that Leventhal & Puga, P.C. often makes, both to our clients and our opponents: there are no such things as accidents. Read the rest »

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