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Road Rash Can Be Devastating

By lladmin on July 30, 2022

Road rash is an injury caused from friction. The injury occurs when the skin slides against a rough surface, causing the skin to be ripped off the body. Road rash may expose muscle, fat, and bone and can occur following an accident. This injury typically causes immediate pain and, in more serious cases, is extremely painful, requiring medical intervention. There are different types of road rash including:

  • Avulsion, which refers to the scraping of the top layers of skin.
  • Open wound, this is the tearing of skin tissue.
  • Compression, where the affected body part becomes trapped between the motorcycle and the roadway.

It is possible to develop a bacterial infection, blood poisoning, and traumatic tattoos. Traumatic tattoos occur where items from the surface such as dirt, glass, rocks, and metal are lodged into your skin, and, if left untreated, remain permanently stuck in your skin.

Accidents that can cause road rash

While road rash is most common in motorcycle accidents, many other accidents may cause road rash. These may include:

  • Skateboarding
  • Motorcycling
  • Bicycling
  • Walking or jogging outdoors
  • Treadmill use

Road rash injuries

Skin abrasions from a motorcycle accident can result in different degrees of severity. The three degrees of road rash injuries include:

First degree road rash involves the outer layers of the skin. Generally this does not require medical attention. Though this is a minor form of road rash,  it is still important to wash your skin as this injury is prone to infection.

Second degree road rash impacts the lower layers of the skin. This often requires at-home care but not medical attention. This may result in permanent scarring and it is important to wash the wound to avoid infection.

Third degree road rash is the most serious: this involves the scraping away of skin and fat layers, exposing bone and muscle to infection. This is very painful, and may also affect ligaments closer to the bone. Third degree road rash requires immediate medical attention. We advise that you see a doctor as soon as you can.

Medical treatment

Less serious cases of road rash can be treated at home. However, some second degree and third degree require medical intervention. The common treatment for serious road rash includes:

  • X-rays to look for foreign objects and additional injuries, such as broken bones
  • Deep cleansing of the affected area
  • Monitoring of your vital signs
  • IV or oral antibiotics to prevent infection
  • A tetanus vaccine
  • Blood tests and cultures to diagnose infection
  • Surgery to remove foreign objects or to repair damage
  • The provision of pain medication or a prescription for medication to be taken at home.

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