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Protecting Mothers and Babies in Wyoming

When you’re expecting a child, it’s important to receive expert medical care. From the prenatal period until you leave the hospital with a healthy newborn, you’re putting your faith in medical professionals to make the right decisions to protect you and your baby.

Your OB/GYN, the hospital staff, and everyone on the delivery team play an important role in childbirth. If someone makes a careless error, it can have devastating consequences. Mistakes such as substandard prenatal care or improper birthing techniques can seriously harm the mother or the child.

There’s no excuse for errors that hurt mothers or their babies. If you think you were harmed by medical malpractice in Wyoming, contact the award-winning trial lawyers at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C. We will investigate your case to uncover any wrongdoing that may have occurred.

Our trial attorneys will file a claim to help you recover damages from anyone who carelessly harmed you or your child. Call (877) 433-3906 to schedule a free consultation today.

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What Is an OB/GYN?

Obstetrics and gynecology are closely related. Obstetrics is the field of medicine that covers childbirth. And gynecology is the area of medicine that covers all aspects of women’s reproductive health, including childbirth.

An obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN) is a physician who provides medical care to pregnant women. An OB/GYN also leads the team of medical professionals in the delivery room.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother meets regularly with her OB/GYN. This is an important time in the health of your child. Your OB/GYN monitors your medical condition to make sure everything is proceeding smoothly. Your visits to the OB/GYN will include blood tests, sonograms, and physical examinations.

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Screening for High-Risk Pregnancy

Your OB/GYN will be on the lookout for any signs of possible complications that could harm you or threaten the health of your child. For example, preeclampsia is a prenatal condition that poses serious health risks for both mother and child.

Preeclampsia causes high blood pressure for the mother, and it also affects the blood supply in the placenta. This condition usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy. It must be carefully managed by your OB/GYN.

Preeclampsia is one of several possible signs of a high-risk pregnancy. Other conditions that elevate health risks for mothers and infants include:

  • Infections
  • High blood pressure
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Previous preterm birth
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Zika infections
  • Kidney disease
  • Multiple births
  • Thyroid disease
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Severe anemia
  • Macrosomia
  • Under 17 years old
  • HIV-positive
  • Overweight
  • Over 35 years old
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

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What Is Obstetric Malpractice?

Obstetric malpractice is when the mother or the child is harmed by the careless actions of a medical professional. This may occur during the prenatal period, while the mother is in labor, or after the child is born.

To prove obstetric malpractice, your personal injury attorney must demonstrate that someone committed a negligent act that deviates from acceptable medical practices. Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, hospital administrators, and everyone who’s part of the delivery process can be held accountable for medical malpractice.

The following mistakes can all result in obstetric malpractice:

  • Medication errors
  • Anesthesia errors
  • Improper use of forceps
  • Irregular birthing techniques
  • Failure to perform a timely C-section
  • Improper use of vacuum extractors
  • Failure to detect a detached placenta
  • Failure to identify signs of fetal distress
  • Failure to provide adequate prenatal care
  • Failure to detect umbilical cord complications
  • Failure to adequately monitor the mother’s health

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Obstetric Malpractice Harms Mothers and Babies

When you place your health and the health of your child in the hands of an OB/GYN and other medical professions, there’s no room for error. Hospitals have an obligation to hire qualified personnel and create policies that eliminate errors.

Medical malpractice causes catastrophic injuries for mothers and their babies. Harm suffered by infants due to medical malpractice includes:

  • Physical disabilities
  • Cognitive impairment
  • Cerebral palsy
  • Nerve damage
  • Bone fractures
  • Brain damage
  • Cephalohematoma
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Wrongful death

Mothers can also be seriously harmed by medical malpractice that results in:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Muscle damage
  • Heart attacks
  • Strokes
  • Blood clots
  • Wrongful death

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Wyoming Attorneys Holding People Accountable for Their Mistakes

You may be facing astronomical medical bills caused by obstetric malpractice. That’s why there are no caps or limitations on the damages you can receive in a medical malpractice settlement in Wyoming. And punitive damages may also be awarded when gross negligence is involved.

Our trial lawyers at Leventhal Puga Braley P.C., have won millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. Call our Wyoming obstetric malpractice attorneys at (877) 433-3906 to learn more today. You won’t owe us anything unless we win your case. At Leventhal Puga Braley P.C., we’re on your side.

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